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Are you suffering from persistent shoulder pain or perhaps a rotator cuff tear and not sure where to start?


Shoulder injuries and persistent pain are a common problem in today's population, and something we help people with day in day out at Flex. There are a variety of different conditions/injuries affecting the shoulder, so getting an accurate diagnosis is absolute key to having a full recovery. Chiropractors are highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder injuries, and are qualified to refer you on for x-rays and scans if required, in order to discover the cause of your pain and guide appropriate treatment.


The shoulder joint is quite a unique joint of the body in that it is an extremely mobile joint, allowing us a wide range of motion up and out from the body. The trade-off however is that the small contact zone of the joint means it is inherently unstable, and requires good muscle control and strength in order to operate correctly. When something goes wrong at the shoulder, it can  inhibit your ability to use your shoulder with daily tasks and result in significant pain.

Common signs and symptoms that may suggest you have an underlying shoulder condition, include:


Causes of Shoulder Pain


Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Everyone's shoulder injury is different, so treatment can vary quite a lot between people, depending on the cause of your pain. It is important you get a proper accurate assessment and tailored treatment plan, so you can return to full pain-free function. A large part treatment with shoulder pain is exercise rehabilitation to strengthen the muscles that stabilise the shoulder and allow it to function daily tasks and exercise. Rehabilitation programs vary significantly between people, ranging from the elderly to elite level athletes and everything in between.

For further information on some of the exercises that can help with shoulder pain, have a read of our blog "5 Easy Shoulder Mobility Exercises You Can Do With a Broom"

Our team are ready to help you return to doing the things you enjoy.