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Remedial massage is an effective treatment modality in the management of soft tissue injuries and also generalised muscle tension. Lyndsey, our Remedial Massage Therapist has years of experience assisting in the treatment of a wide range of complaints, including:

  Neck Pain
  Low Back Pain
  Muscle Strains
  Sports-related Injuries
  Tension Headaches
  Pregnancy-related Back Pain

Some of the techniques she uses include:

  Deep Tissue Massage
  Trigger Point Therapy
  Soft Tissue Release
  Myofascial Release
  Swedish Massage
  Relaxation Massage

Remedial massage appointments are generally 60min, but we also offer 30min and 90min appointments. If you would like to book a remedial massage appointment, call us on 9581 3331 or use our online bookings.

Please note: 60min massages can be booked online; for 30min and 90min massages, please call us on 9581 3331 to book appointment.

For more information about Lyndsey, you can check out her profile here.