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Treatment for neck pain in Mandurah


Neck pain is a significant problem for many Australians, often resulting in time off work and just not being able to participate in the activities we enjoy in life. Neck pain can present suddenly or gradually over time, in some cases with no obvious cause or trigger to the pain.

The vast majority of causes for neck pain are mechanical in nature, as opposed to structural pathology, although this does need to be ruled out. Your chiropractor has the expertise and experience to assess whether the reasons for your neck pain need to be further explored prior to any treatment. Below are some of the more common causes or triggers for neck pain we help people with at the clinic.


Poor Posture/Ergonomics

We find neck pain more commonly in those people who spend a lot of time sitting, whether that be desk workers or truck drivers. With prolonged postures, the muscles of neck and shoulders fatigue, leading to suboptimal posture and ergonomics. Over time this will cause overloading of the joints, muscles, ligaments and other supportive structures resulting in pain and reduced range of motion.


Workstation Ergonomics

Poor workstation ergonomics is also a factor, which can mean our spines are unnecessarily exposed to more sustained and repetitive loads throughout the day. Your chiropractor can advise you on measures to take to ensure your workstation is adequate, and not contributing to your neck pain.


Manual Work

Sometimes repetitive manual tasks, in particular overhead work, can trigger neck pain. We see this a lot with electricians, mechanics and painters etc. Sustained use of the arms overhead requires prolonged muscle activation of the neck and shoulder, and can place excessive stress and load on the structures of the upper spine.


Sleep Position

It is important that your neck and spine are supported during sleep, to avoid prolonged loading and stress on the muscles and joints. Especially with deep sleepers, awkward sleep positions can result in significant neck pain on waking, which can linger throughout the day. Ensuring you have a good quality supportive pillow is a great way to assist on relieving stress on the neck and allowing good sleep patterns.


Some other causes for neck pain include:


Treatment for neck pain often will include:

  • Spinal Manipulative Therapy (adjustments)
  • Joint mobilisations
  • Massage and other soft tissue release techniques
  • Rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles of the neck
  • Identifying and retraining faulty movement patterns in the way you move/use your neck and shoulders
  • Advice on ergonomics and postural factors with your daily activities

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